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Equipment rent

Training equipment Price/day* Price/hour* Comments
Projector (Beamer) 1850,- CZK 650,- CZK Projectors Sanyo 1 800 - 3 000 ANSI
Screen 300,- CZK -
Sound equipment 1850,- CZK - 2 handy wireless microphones, other optional audio inputs
Technician charge - 250,- CZK includes all service related to connecting and setting the rented equipment

Flipchart 300,- CZK - Including markers and paper
Cork board 150,- CZK -
Catering equipment Price/day* Price/hour* Comments
Party tent 4 x 8 m 2500,- CZK - Price including assembly and disassembly
Party tent 3 x 6 m 2500,- CZK - Price including assembly and disassembly
Garden summerhouse 3 x 3 m 1000,- CZK - Price including assembly and disassembly
Beer set 1pc 150,- CZK - Includes 1table and 2 folding benches
Grill charcoal/lava rocks 1800,- CZK - For rent with a chef only
Grill „rock“ + wok 1800,- CZK - For rent with a chef only
Electric grill 2000,- CZK
For rent with a chef only, max. volume 25 kg piglet with bones or 30 kg boneless leg
Children jumping castle 1500,- CZK 500,- CZK 1pc jumping castle, incl. assembly, instruction, display
Chef 1500,- CZK 250,- CZK day = 8 working hours

party stan* Stated prices include VAT

All training equipment is portable and can be used in any saloon or hall. If you need we can provide a technician that will be at your disposal according to your requirements. It is recommended to verify compatibility of your and or equipment before the event beginning.

Training equipment rent conditions

Owner rents the equipment to renter who is fully responsible to return the equipment in the original condition in which it was accepted. Renter is obliged to check the equipment upon acceptance and personally return it to the hotel personnel in order to avoid any disputes. Any defect or damage on the equipment discovered during acceptance must be announced to the hotel personnel otherwise financial compensation will be required from the renter. The same applies if the damage is caused by the renter as a result of using the equipment. The renter is entitled to require paid services of a technician and thus discharge from responsibility for any damage of the equipment.