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Gastro & relax complex in a quiet district of Brno

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Best rate guarantee!

Best rate guarantee Brno hotel Zebetinsky dvurBooking accommodation through an official website of Zebetinsky Dvur Hotel you get a guarantee of the lowest booking charge. If you happen to find a lower charge under the same booking conditions, which are always an integral part of general businessconditions of the given distributor, give us a note and we will check the situation and offer you the same charge.

We are protecting our brand! You just use our official web to get the easiest and fastest accommodation booking.

How to ensure the BEST PRICE of your stay?

  • Use official website of Zebetinsky Dvur Hotel to book a room on the required dates.
  • If you happen to find a competitive offer with a lower charge under the same conditions and complain to us within 24 hours since the booking we will offer you and guarantee the same price.
  • Your complaint shall be submitted more than 48 hours before the time of your planned arrival to give us enough time for checking and not later than 24 hours since the original booking through the official website of Zebetinsky Dvur Hotel.
  • Complaint shall be submitted via e-mail and shall include a link to a website offering the lower charge and a print-screen image displaying the price.
  • The compared competitive offer shall relate to the exactly same business conditions – type of room, date, service range, etc.)
  • The compared competitive offer must come from a relevant and trustworthy source with which our hotel has signed a deal about the distribution of our services.
  • Your complaint will be reviewed within 48 hours, as stated above.
  • If, based on the comparison of a competitive offer and business conditions, your lower charge requirement is found eligible, we will cancel our original offer and you will receive a new confirmation with lower charge from us.    
  • If your complaint is rejected you will receive an explanatory e-mail message. Please, bear in mind, that in this case your original booking remains valid.
  • An important factor for the competitive offer comparison is also a unified price stated in EUR. No attention is paid to differences caused by exchange rate variance or rounding off method.

The Best Price guarantee does not apply on the following situations:
  • Non public charges (corporate or group charges)
  • Favoured charges offered only to members of specific groups or individuals meeting criteria for obtaining these charges
  • Charges published at discount or auction portals or websites
  • Packages including, among others, a room or packages with charges based on various length of stay